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Bola Sup Yoga Lessons

SUP Yoga

Private yoga sessions is all about having fun, experiencing nature and practicing mindfulness.

SUP yoga is a delightful way to experience nature and invigorate your yoga practice.

We don’t want to be the centre of attention, that’s why we put some distance between us and the busy beach and paddle to our docking station. That’s relatively sheltered from wind and doesn’t see a lot of boat traffic.

Doing yoga on a SUP engages muscles that you may neglect during your on-land practice. The added challenge of doing yoga on a board will force you to be very present and intentional with all your movements.

SUP yoga is a great way to work on maintaining a beginner’s mindset because it introduces new challenge to your yoga routine.

Days: Saturdays and Tuesdays

Hours: 09:00-11:00

Duration: 75 minutes

Minimum 2, Maximum 4 persons, plus the instructor.

Price: 45€ per person.

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